Portsmouth City Centre Engagement

Building a forest of ideas for a new green space in Portsmouth

Play:Disrupt were invited to run two different consultations in Portsmouth; one around the development of the city centre, and one with young people centred around the Hilsea area. 

Play:Disrupt devised and delivered an on-street event to engage people in the development of the city centre, and particularly a new city centre green space. Play:Disrupt devised a hands on creative activity, inviting the public to build a forest of ideas for this green space. Play:Disrupt then trained PCC staff to deliver the activity in future events. We also devised a schools workshop pack for PCC and local schools to deliver with young people to gather their valuable insights.

We are really excited about the workshop you’ve created for us. It will be a great conversation starter for our community workshops and gives us loads of flexibility in being able to run effective sessions with lots of different groups of people, gather their thoughts and ideas and help shape the project. The session with you today helped us focus on what we want to get out of the community workshops and feel more confident in running them. We can’t wait to get out there and use the kit!

Ellie Rymer, Communications, Officer: Major Projects, Portsmouth City Council

We were also invited by PCC to help engage teenagers in conversations about the rejuvenation of Hilsea, which received levelling up funding. We worked with Hillsea lido to run a workshop with young people playing in the space. This amazing 1930s lido was a great space to play with, allowing us to run a game of giant battleships, using a catapult to play games across the pool, and using our Roots activity to understand how young people feel about the area, what changes they’d like to see, and what consequences might arise from different uses of the space. 

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