2015 was Bristol’s Green Capital year and a set of neighbourhood commissions were awarded to create art with communities focusing on environmental issues. In our local ward- Easton, Ashley and Lawrence Hill- flytipping and rubbish was one of the biggest issues identified by residents and encouraging young people to invest in their surroundings was seen as a positive long term action.


Drawing on images of the locality and a shared experience of street play (both in the past and current through street parties and Playing Out) we created a large scale labyrinth marble run game, with a model of Easton as the base. The whole thing was housed inside an industrial bin.

We interviewed adults about their memories of play and ran workshops with local young people, creating a ‘flytip fairground’ in the run up to the design of Transformabin. We played with ideas around  ‘end of the pier games’ and fairgrounds and looked at flytipped household items as obstacles in games that needed to be overcome.


We toured Transformabin to events in local parks and community centres in 2015. It was then donated to CREATE,  Bristol’s environment centre where it continues to live as a playable exhibit, engaging with over 4000 people so far.

“The Transformabin is always a hit with visitors. It’s now even part of the Create Centre/Eco-home tours. The tours are aimed at school children and university students. It is a fun and effective illustration of the impact that waste has on our streets and environment. With Fly-tipping being a main topic in our educational tours, the exhibition is a fantastic resource to highlight our message.”

Lewis Bond, Create Centre

Adults and children look at a miniature model of Easton in Bristol. The model in behind plastic inside a large bin. The model is a marble run

Transformabin designed and built by Rebecca Prior of Priormade, flytip fairground created with Kerry Russell of In Bristol Studios project commissioned by Bristol Green Capital and supported using public funding by Arts Council England

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