Future Mobile Home



The REPLICATE project is a European funded smart city project that explores different technological solutions to improve people’s homes and lives. Knowle West Media Centre and Bristol City Council commissioned us to create a mobile engagement tool to engage citizens in imagining future smart homes
and raise awareness of how they can help us save energy.


We were challenged to engage a wide, diverse audience with what appeared to be a complicated and sprawling project. We created an interactive home on wheels, which opened up to reveal a co-operative, multiplayer game. We were aware that the ‘connected city’ could seem quite sci-fi frightening and the ‘hub’ as a concept was hard to understand, so we decided to literally connect people (as players) to the hub. The houses reacted with light and sound to players adding energy saving and retrofit icons and when 3 people played together, the hub responded, rewarding players with lights and music.

“Mufti Games captured the feedback from our community engagement workshops brilliantly and created something that far exceeded our expectations. We have successfully used the future home to engage a wide range of people in Bristol at events and it will go on to become a community asset.”

Matt Jones, Smart Homes Project Manager, Bristol City Council

Community was at the heart of this project. People talk to their neighbours, but houses don’t (usually) talk to each other- they’re not responsive. A smart home is responsive. It’s responding to the weather, the environment, a city’s industry, and smart homes are also working together. By adding the different
elements to your ‘dolls house’ you ‘bring the houses to life’ and ultimately ‘bring the city to life’.



Mobile Future Home has toured to community events for the past 3 years, featuring at over 30 events, engaging over 4,500 people.

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