Cornwall Council Healthy Pathways Research

Play:Disrupt were commissioned by Cornwall Council to deliver a consultation seeking young people’s views on healthy eating, weight, and body image, to inform the design of a local healthy weight pathway. We delivered research based workshops with diverse young people from across Cornwall to understand young people’s needs and desires for healthy weight pathways tier 1 (messaging) and tier 2 (interventions). 

We identified and recruited young people, including those from underrepresented backgrounds, delivered creative and engaging workshops on sensitive subjects, and collected data and demographic information. Our findings are now being used to shape a future provision for young people in Cornwall which responds to local needs.

‘’Play: Disrupt were commissioned to deliver a consultation with young people in Cornwall to understand their views on healthy eating, weight and body image to inform the design of local healthy weight pathways. Through their creative and imaginative workshops, Play: Disrupt were able to break down barriers to participation and engage young people in discussions around often emotive and sensitive health topics. As a result, they gathered rich insights from young people, including young people who are often underserved through more traditional methods of consultation e.g. young people with learning disabilities and autism. Feedback from our practitioners who attended the workshops was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing they had been inspired to incorporate more creative and playful methods into their everyday work! The Play: Disrupt team were professional, maintained open communication throughout the project and were flexible, embracing change and adapting their initial workshop plans as the project evolved. The final report was detailed, engaging and captured the voice of young people in Cornwall. Working with Play: Disrupt was a great experience and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to actively engage with communities.’’

Fay Colloff | Intermediate Public Health Practitioner, Konsel Kernow / Cornwall Council 

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