Bakers Brain



Knowle West Media Centre invited us to create a mobile engagement tool to collect data from across Bristol on wellbeing provision and the obstacles to engaging with provision. The project was part of a Bristol University Wellbeing study.


We wanted people to be able to respond in a variety of ways and give different access points. We also wanted to collect data from a range of ages. The prop needed to fit in a car, but have impact on the street. The 3D brain drew people in and once engaged we could invite them to respond by writing, drawing and by ‘mapping’ their local area using simple building blocks. The ‘mapping’ was a playful way to connect residents into their physical place and we could then identify geographical gaps in wellbeing provision across the areas we worked in.

Bakers Brain is a table based game with colourful moveable pieces and a light up 3D printed brain under a glass dome

“We commissioned Play:Disrupt to create an engaging prop that could help prompt conversations about health and wellbeing in community spaces and on the streets. The prop that was created successfully engaged people of ages in conversations around health and wellbeing, as well as opening up unexpected conversations and encouraging play. It was an intriguing beautifully produced and well designed object that people were curious to interact with and was easy to use. The addition of features such as the roll out play area allowed young children to play whilst adults and older children could engage in different ways.”

Martha King, Arts Programme Producer, Knowle West Media Centre



We created a fold out ‘consultation station’ with a 3D printed brain as it’s centre piece. We used the ‘5 ways to Wellbeing’ as focal points in the game and across the station. ‘Baker’ became the character and by connecting the ‘five ways’ to his brain, you could make it light up.

We spent time in 4 areas of Bristol – Southmead, Lockleaze, Knowle West and Hartcliffe talking to local residents in a variety of settings over 8 visits.

Take a look at the ‘Connecting the Dots’ report for more in depth information about the project.


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