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From one off workshops to embedded engagements, our projects are experience based and playfully disruptive

Play:Disrupt Workshops

FOR A MINI PLAY DISRUPTION, We offer workshops in problem solving, connecting teams, rethinking strategies and enhancing well being. We can help you to plan a consultation and ensure you’re really connecting with everyone you need to. 

We also offer bespoke workshops for your conference or project.

Playing With Place

How can play help us to understand difficult spaces? 

Using Play:Disrupt methods we will bring your team together to explore a real space through a variety of perspectives. Working together we will problem solve and strategise about how to understand physical and social barriers and devise ways to reanimate and unlock engagement.

Active Engagement

Same voices doing all the talking? Want to find ways to connect & bring other voices to the table. This workshop looks at digging in to identify stakeholders who might have been overlooked, and devising ways to invite them into the conversaiton. What barriers are in place that you hadn’t seen? How can your door be open and your offer engaging enough to get people on board?

Gamifications in Public Engagement

What makes for really strong public engagement that stands out from the crowd? How can you get the public to really interact with your research?

Using skills honed through street theatre, visual art and community engagement, this Play Disruption delves into the many successful academic projects we’ve designed, pulling out tips and methods to make fun, interactive engagements.

Everyday Play- Wellbeing & Play

If you’ve got this far, you probably know that play is good for you. This workshop invites you to identify the play you already do, from cheeky tweeting and watercooler banter, to long distance running, video gaming and crafting. What benefit is play already having on our relationships and workspace environment? By highlighting our everyday play we can value, celebrate and make room for more of it.

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Participation Packs© for Online Conferences

Online conferences offer increased accessibility to your attendees, and look like they’re here to stay.

Our tactile engagement activities for online conferences with intrigue and connect your audiences, triggering creative thinking and reflection on your content. Materials and activities are adapted to your conference themes.

Our offer can include:

  • Participation Packs© posted out to attendees
  • Guided activities to connect participants
  • Active workshops
An apen cardboard box with 6 different coloured enveloped laid out. The red envelope has a gold ticket inside
Participation Pack for Festival of Place- Social Value 2021


Malcolm is an Association of Master Trainers certified facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method offers powerful insights into people’s problems and needs and is used by companies like Google, Facebook and the Danish Army.

In any usual meeting, 20% of people do 80% of the talking, and if workplace power dynamics are also taken into account, many voice are drowned out in discussions.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method uses collaborative building, reflecting and deep questioning to allow people to communicate ideas and situations, connect better as teams and develop innovative strategies. Get in touch to move your business forward with play today.

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Engagement Props (Play:Things)

Sometimes what you need is a thing. A thing to get people talking to each other. Our background in outdoor theatre enables us to create completely unique, interactive engagement props. Play:Things are mobile and accessible to allow you to have conversations in multiple locations with a wide range of participants. 

We design Play:Things in collaboration with you and train your team to use them with the communities you want to reach.

Take a look at some recent Play:Things: Future Mobile Home, Bakers Brain, Transformabin

An adult and four children look at a 5 foot tall blue playable house

Live Consulations

Our live consultations are the full package, with all the bells and whistles. We work with you to develop a strategy that connects with communities, builds trust and asks useful questions in engaging ways. 

As a bespoke engagement, we’ll create a tailored programme that best serves the project.

We’ll invite you to think differently and problem solve creatively with your team.

At the end, you’ll receive all of the data and insight we’ve collected to help inform your next steps or big decisions.

Have a look at some of our live consultation projects: Engagement Plane, Find Your Village, Unreal Developments

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