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From on street pop-ups to online workshops, our offer includes...

On Street Engagement

Our Creative High Street pop up entices and engages passers-by with its bright colours, oversized components and clear invitation. 

Filled with tried and tested engagement activities and staffed by expert facilitators, this on street intervention effectively communicates your plans and get the most out of conversations with local residents.

Local authorities across the country have hired our pop up service to elevate communications, expand engagement numbers, deepen quality of responses and demonstrate that they are really invested in meaningful participation. 

On street pop-ups are often core to our wider, strategic engagements – read more
on our projects page.

What you get

  • Play Disrupt Creative High Street pop up ‘set’ which includes: gazebo, chalk board/pin board, trellis, tables, seating, music,  a-boards or other surfaces to communicate vision, plans and branding. 
  • 3 highly skilled facilitators
  • 3-4 Play Disrupt activities – these creative design thinking style activities are proven to expand numbers and deepen quality of responses. Problem solve with communities and have constructive conversations. We offer a menu of activities and support you to choose the best ones for your project.
  • Planning meeting to ensure you have the right activities. We communicate your plans in the best way and we get to the right people at the right time. 
  • Written report with all feedback from the session, sentiment, numbers and where possible demographics.
  • Wrap up meet to digest engagement and look at next steps. 
  • Optional add-on: custom-made activity
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In Person Workshops

Play:Disrupt are experts at designing and facilitating workshops. 

We use our proven, playful methods to help you have more constructive conversations with residents, young people, businesses and other stakeholders. 

Methods include mapping, loose parts, narrative, even LEGO®. 

Workshops designed with you to help you communicate ideas and porblem solve with participants, bringing them on board with plans. 

In person or online, our workshops are engaging, effective and playfully disruptive. Get in touch to find out more

As seen at Bristol’s Western Harbour, Trowbridge, University of Bristol, University of West of England, RIBA, Bristol City Council, Portsmouth City Council.

Image Alexie Segal for Harbour Hopes

Creative engagement training

We offer online or in person workshops for researchers and academics helping you to reach more participants, ask questions differently and demonstrate impact.

Our workshops will guide your group through creative approaches applicable to an array of situations, or can be tailored to a specific research project- be that communication, research or other investigation. Suitable for online or in person engagements.

Workshop includes insight into use of loose parts, gamification, relational mapping, narrative templates, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, and a wider understanding of playful and creative aporaches to academic engagement and communication. 

These workshops have been informed by years of creative engagement commissions working with institutions and projects including University of Bristol, Chester, UWE, Brigtow Institute, Abertay, ARC West, TRUUD

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Activity in a Box

Want to better engage your team, peers and public in the changes happening in your place?

Work with Play:Disrupt to design a bespoke activity, packed into an easily transportable box. Our activities effectively communicate complex projects and enable meaningful, memorable ways to take part. 

Organisations across the country have commissioned us to co-create activities that their teams can deliver, helping to get deeper insights and bring people on board with changes that are happening in their communities. 

Play, active engagement and high quality design and materials ensure this offer is tactile, evidence based, fun and easily translatable into your reporting. 

Help get the whole team on board by involving your department in the design and delivery of this bspoke creative activity. Get great images to show how innovative and creative your team can be in their approach. 

Give confidence to your teams in creative engagement and bring complex ideas to life.

What you get:

  • Activity in a box- high quality well made hands-on activity, designed in collaboration with you and your team, hand made at our studio in Bristol. Includes all materials, props, keys instructions and a how- to process for collecting contributions from participants
  • Half day in-person training for your team- this includes both the activity and wider thinking in approaching inclusive engagement
  • Up to 3 planning calls to support an iterative design process 
  • Kits designed in line with your organisations brand pallet where required
  • Follow up call to support and evaluate delivery

Interested in playing with us?

Take a look at our projects page to see us in action.

A graphic of a pink hand holding a balll between finger and thumb