Why play: How we work with you

The Process

1. Lets talk
First off, we’ll spend time with you, getting to grips with your project. Whether you’ve got a problem to solve, or questions to ask of your communities, we’ll unpack it with you and challenge your brief, to get a deep understanding of your priorities. We might use Lego, modelling, or drawing at this stage, inviting you to play through the situation

2. Inventing Time

We go away and reflect on the brief, designing possible ways to respond. We’ll research the groups you want to talk to and dig deep to check if anyone has been missed. We’ll deeply consider barriers to participation, trying on lots of other people’s shoes. Drawing on our backgrounds in theatre, play and visual art, we’ll base this around a concept – something that stands out, tells a story and draws participants in- overcoming those barriers. We’ll always look for the play.  Physical moments that invite ‘players’ to get inside the project, to co-design with you or critique in an active, constructive, way.

3. Building Blocks
We’ll sound the horn to our collaborators- making/ designing /building/ programming; matching our skills to your unique project needs. This might be prop building, workshop planning, on street intervention design… We’ll check in with you during this period to make sure we meet your expectations and, where possible, get you into the room with us and your head inside the project.

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4. Pass the parcel
We’ll gather everything up and deliver feedback in a well designed, eye catching report or presentation. We’ll discuss where to go next, or wrap things up and sign off. Either way we’ll check in again at some point to assess the impact and what changes or decisions you’ve been able to make as a result.

5. Show & Tell

This is presented back to you, and together we’ll agree the best way forward. This might be a good time to bring in other voices, or to playtest with potential audiences.  If it feels right for the project, we will discuss a potential programme of activity we can deliver that engages the public around the construction and opening of the site.

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6. Construction

On site work begins.  Workshop, live event, pop up performance intervention. We’ll arrive with an invitation that connects to audiences, gets them involved and starts finding out their ideas, fears, assumptions and opportunities. We design with a variety of access points- we’ve all got preferred ways to participate.

Play. Perform. Learn. Grow.