Our practice is built through years of making interactive performance, play interventions and embedded community engagement. Producing a game of MASSIVE BATTLESHIPS teaches you a lot about invitations, permission and participation.

Since then we’ve created play disruptions for clients across sectors in built environment, health and wellbeing and the arts to build better conversations with stakeholders.

Organisations like Arup, National Institute for Health Research Applied Research Collaboration West, Barbican, RSC, Bristol Green Capital and the University of Chester have all collaborated and benefited from our active, play based approach. 

Each project starts with a unique question, or problem to solve. We use creative play and technology to engage people with ideas and open conversations.

Our aim is to widen engagement, especially with communities who’ve been overlooked. We support a take-part society, seeking out barriers to engagement and inventing playful ways to overcome them. We invite people to play with different perspectives and make complicated issues easy to understand. Active engagement empowers participants, encourages collaboration, and allows more voices to share the stage.

Play:Disrupt is part of Mufti Games Ltd, a non-profit SME that engages through play.

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Our Values


Play breaks down barriers and immerses people. We design surprising creations to coax the curious. Experiences that enable strangers to meet on an equal playing field, making new connections and discoveries.

Three people sat at a table infront of a red velvet curtain. They are making something with plasterscine and toy train tracks


We believe in a take-part society- that everyone should be involved in decision making. Our play disruptions are designed to overcome obstacles, invite people in, and enable wider access.

A child holds a yellow sign on a stick which says 'What do they do here?'
On a high street, one woman sits on a char, one woman stands next to her. They both point at badges on their chests and smile


We collaborate with clients and communities. Positive change is best made in partnership with the people it affects. Each project is approached in a design-led way, drawing from our team of facilitators, consultants, inventors, artists, makers, designers, creative technologists, playworkers and theatre makers.

Five children and two adults stood on a path around a large green bin. One of the boys raises both arms in celebration


We want to support the creation of joyful neighbourhoods, healthy cities and prosperous towns. Great communities we all want to live work and play in.



Getting from A to B might tick that box quicker, but if you’ve missed out on :- @,  :- P and  ;- )  has an opportunity for innovation been missed? We know that our tactics, processes and tools have real impact, and increase engagement across diverse groups.

A group of adults of various ages hold wooden toy train tracks above their heads, trying to hold them together