Help us test a new digital mapping tool

Play:Disrupt and play technologists Free Ice Cream are developing a digital mapping tool that invites users to connect with the systems that influence their places. This tool aims to build more agency for communities and individuals, while getting a clearer picture of what makes a place work, or not. The knowledge created through community could have application within neighbourhood planning and advocacy. Empathy with other people and groups is at the heart of the idea. The map resulting from the workshop aims to simplify the systems that govern and influence places and support citizens to become better engaged with all aspects of their communities.

The project has been funded by Bristol and Bath Creative R&D.

Having created a digital proof of concept platform, we are now undertaking a test and research phase. We are seeking groups to join workshops to test the platform. 

Through this process we’re interested in exploring where similarities and differences within people’s experience and understanding of a place lie.  This may be for instance, dog walkers and young people; or drivers and pedestrians. Those who are perceived to gatekeep spaces and those who are perceived to be antisocial. Intergenerational conversations are very interesting to us, as are ‘long time residents’ and ‘new the area’. At this stage we are open to all suggestions and requests. We have space to run workshops in 1-2 ‘places’- the workshops will be online with residents of those areas. 

Key Information

  • Participants will need access to a laptop or desktop computer (the platform is at a very early stage and won’t be easy to use on mobile devices yet- these features will be developed) – where this is problematic- with groups of young people for instance- we have been arranging for a workshop to take place in a central hub with IT support, so let us know if this would be helpful for you. 
  • Workshops will be 60-90 mins long 
  • We intend to run 3 workshops in each ‘place’. Some focused on individual groups and one with representatives from each group. 
  • There will be no charge to attend workshops. 
  • Facilitated workshops will be delivered on Zoom using the platform.
  • Participants do not need to download any additional software to their device as the platform is accessed through the web browser.
  • Please contact us about any access needs 
  • Workshops will take place between 24 August – 2 September

If you would like to know more or have a quick chat with us, please get in touch at

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